EVA MAY - the best of both worlds

EVa-May a Princess 41, was built in 1979 and purchased by Hush Craft in July of this year. Discovered lying ashore in Windsor by Managing Director Ben Simpson, he thought EVa-May would be the perfect vehicle to demonstrate our full hybrid solution Thrust Pilot® (patent pending) pod.

Designed around a boat’s typical usage, the solution allows normal operation of the vessel offshore at high speed.  It can then seamlessly transfer to and from electrical propulsion when the vessel reaches estuaries, rivers or lakes with speed restrictions, reducing: fuel costs dramatically, noise pollution by 100% and increasing engine life.  Find out more about the Thrust Pilot solution here.  After a three week delay due to Coots nesting on the swim platform she was transferred by road to our boat yard in Brightlingsea where work on her transformation has begun.

EVa May is structurally sound and has been for 36 years so reusing her old engine, and installing our Thrust Pod should make her environmentally suitable for another 36 years.  Works so far have included new head lining, lower energy lighting, new heating system and bonded windows as well as ongoing epoxy treatment to the hull to prevent osmosis.

Along with the installation of the Thrust Pilot, Hush Craft will project manage her re-fit, upgrading the overall style of the vessel to fall into line with modern times.

The company covers all aspects of installation and more importantly the compatibility.

Hush Craft experience and technology provide leisure and commercial boat owners with quiet, green cruising and excellent maneuverability, whilst preserving the main propulsion systems from long-term idling and inefficient speeds.

Benefits can include:

  • 100% redundancy of propulsion and steerage
  • Silent, efficient cruising
  • Zero emissions whilst under electric propulsion
  • Directional thrust for improved maneuverability
  • Prolonged service requirements on main engines
  • Reduced sooting-up on main engines
  • Fuel savings
  • Additional domestic battery life if required
  • Access to zero emission cruising areas
  • Sea trials with EVa Mays original engine form will begin in September to determine her top speed and fuel consumption. True performance data in the current state prior to the installation of the hybrid system is crucial to the development of future systems and vital information for the supply of correct propulsion solutions.

With charging points along the Thames on the increase we aim to take EVa May from Limestone to Oxford solely under electric propulsion from the 17th of October.  A list of marina visits will be posted below shortly.

We invite you to be the first to experience the technology by enquiring about our test cruises here.

This page will show regular updates as and when they happen.

What's happening when

July 2016 - New head lining, installation of lower energy lighting, engine service overhaul, replacement of domestic and starting batteries, new heating system


August 2016 – New bow thruster, new heads, replacement wiring, new windless, overhaul of plumbing system and installation of black water tanks, full entertainments package, new navigational instruments


September 2016 – Sea trials carried out under original form.  An average maximum speed of 18 knots was achieved over a measured mile with 80% fuel tanks and 50% water on board.


November 2016 - External Thrust Pilot ready for installation.  On vessels with existing swim platforms the Thrust Pilot would be integrated.


December 2016 – Vessel out of the water for fitting the external Thrust Pilot.

Thursday, 01 December 2016 / Published in Eva May
Thrust Pilot pod

Thrust Pilot pod ready for installation into EVa May

Monday, 17 October 2016 / Published in Eva May, News

The interior on EVa May is now complete and she really is looking great for 38.  Amongst many, many upgrades during the re-fit:

Her interior woodwork has been re-varnished and polished

A new microwave has been installed in the galley

Mattresses have been replaced with new memory foam ones

New colour co-ordinated cushions





Tuesday, 27 September 2016 / Published in Eva May
img_4412 img_4415


Wednesday, 17 August 2016 / Published in Eva May

This week we are preparing the boat for the installation of the bow thruster.  We drilled through a whopping 20mls of fibre glass to prepare the tunnel for the bow thruster which proves EVa May was built to last.

Tunnel drilling

We’ve also modernised the aluminium windows with a new coating:

EVa May 17th August

Amongst other things we have installed new sea strainers, completed electrical health checks, renewed engine room lighting, started gel repairs on the super structure and are refurbishing the console on the top deck.