Why consider Thrust Pilot as your electric drive solution?

environmentally friendly

Electric / hybrid drive is an ecologically sound solution.

  • Efficient Cruising
  • Silent
  • Zero Emissions
  • Reduce drive propeller draft in shallow or obstructed rivers
  • Solar and wind charging optional

simple and reliable

Thrust Pilot systems avoid complex installations, increasing reliability.

  • 100% redundancy in propulsion and steering.
  • Integrated thrust and steering controller
  • No Structural or Mechanical Modification required
  • Neutrally buoyant at zero speed
  • Upgradable power storage to move with technology

extended engine life

More efficient use of your engine extends life and reduces cost

  • Prolonged service requirements on main engines
  • Reduced soot build up of main Engines at low speeds

installation options

Wide range of customisable options from our standard package.

  • Options for vessels with or without Gensets
  • Installations up to 50 Kw
  • Suitable for vessels up to 30 Tons.
  • Alternative installation types
  • Solutions for single and twin screw vessels or commercial applications
  • Alternative domestic charging and 240v supply.
  • Additional Battery storage options.